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“I expected a quick, “easy to learn” lesson, but I got the REAL deal. If you are serious about learning Biblical Greek, this is the way to go. It takes time to study and do your lessons, but Todd Friel makes it entertaining and he’s a gifted teacher as well. I would suggest to start with “It’s Not Greek To Me” if you are a serious student of the New Testament and really want to get the richness of the original language. Great product, I highly recommend it!!!”

Miguel Cervantes:
“I am a Seminary student preparing to take some serious Greek classes. I was terrified of Greek until I saw this. I’m going into class with a new attitude and confidence that God will give me what I need to learn more Greek. Thanks Todd for letting God use you in this way!”

Ismael Hernandez:
“Todd Friel’s Greek primer DVD is a great way to “get your feet wet” in not only Greek but also English grammatical studies. It has been a great help. It has opened my understanding of the greek language in the Bible and God’s wisdom!”

John Miller:
“Mr. Friel does a fine job giving a basic understanding of New Testament Greek. I recommend it to any layman who is serious about his or her study of the Bible.”

Kelly Ellison:
“Todd Friel is great as always and my kids love this so much.”

“Interested in getting more out of your Bible studies? Interested in learning a new language? Here is your opportunity! This new dvd is the perfect answer for anyone wanting an easy introduction to the Greek language. Although this is geared for high school students and older my younger kids enjoyed it. Todd Friel has such a dry and quirky sense of humor that almost anyone would enjoy the program. I have had experiences with other language Dvd curriculum and found the instructors to be boring or robot-like and my children did not want to study the curriculum. This was not the case with this program. We have not yet finished it – because we are doing lots of review and taking the course slowly. However, I do not have to drag or beg my children to sit down and watch the lesson then do the work assigned. Friel presents the language in an easy to understand and interesting way. The children are excited to learn something new each time we sit down to watch. I would recommend this not only for home school purposes but for anyone of any age who wants to enrich their Bible study and their appreciation for the scriptures. It is amazing how much richer scripture is when one has a basic understanding of the language and history of the time. The Greek language is extremely deep in meaning.”

It's Not Greek to Me


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By studying Biblical Greek, you will:

  • Learn how to read your New Testament in the original language.
  • Learn enough Greek grammar to understand every Greek reference your pastor makes.
  • Get more out of Bible footnotes and commentaries.
  • Do your own word studies to know exactly what God intended to communicate.

The good news is, you will not have to memorize a ton of stuff! This is a very basic Greek primer to simply help you grasp the Greek language to better study your Bible and know God better.

It’s Not Greek to Me is perfect for:

  • Individual or family study
  • Sunday school classes(ten lessons, ten weeks)
  • Homeschoolers
  • Students preparing for first year Greek

This study will not go over your head and it will not waste your time. C’mon! Jump in. You will learn the language in which God Himself chose to write your New Testament. Best of all, you will have the skills to understand your Bible better so you can love your Savior more!