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“VERY VERY GOOD!!! A MUST FOR EVERYONE!!! My Husband and i listened to this together and this CD and just openness and honesty in this area (and topic) has been monumental in our marriage!!! It addresses the Woman just a little….and i think gives the men a great understanding that “looking” IS NOT OK and there are very deep consequences if you do. Its also very hurtful to the special woman in your life. Really makes you think, in a very positive way!! Thank You Todd Friel!! I HATE that this is such a “TABOO” topic….i wish more people (especially MEN) would be more open and talk about it more….I think that men would have less of a struggle…not gone, but it would lessen…?? ANYWAY…I Highly recommend!!”

D and C Ard.:

“‘No holds barred’ as the author pointed addresses the dangers and disasterous fall-out from porn. He doesn’t end there as he gives practical ways to gain freedom from this addiction.”

“Awesome tool for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.”

Nick Holzemer:
“Very good, I recommend it to all.”

Jacob Malnar:
“Focused on believers with the lust crack in the armor; Todd explains the “Hellacious” toll of the societal cancer called porn.”

“A must have if you have a problem stopping lorn in your life. Very helpful.”

“Todd’s understanding of the corruption of pornography in the lives of those in need of Christ came as a surprise to me. The vulnerable and voyeuristic believer will do good to get their hands on “Slaying the Dragon” before this monster grows another head or two.”

Slaying the Dragon


Cyber Monday is Happening NOW!


You promise you will never go to that XXX rated website again. But then you find yourself all alone and the temptation overwhelms you.

You fire up the internet, do that filthy thing, say you’re sorry and then promise you will never do it again.

But then you find yourself all alone and the temptation overwhelms you . . . again . . . and again . . . and again.

What will it take? What do you need to hear to NEVER look at another forbidden image again? What do you need to do so you will never go to that dirty place?

No more strategies. No more band-aids. This audio resource contains the information you need to NEVER fall into the temptation of pornography.

We believe this resource contains principles that every man needs to hear to Slay the Dragon of pornography.

What have you got to lose? Except your job. Your marriage. Your children. Your soul.