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Kindle Customer:
“This is one of the best books I’ve read about who Christ is. For the Christian it is filled with reminders and clarifications. For a non-Christian who is simply curious or searching for spiritual guidance, there is no better book, outside of the Bible, to teach you about Jesus and salvation.”

David Powney:
“It gives the best understanding of who Jesus really is that I have ever read apart from the Bible. I would recommend this book to people searching for Jesus in the Old Testament.”

“If you are ready to go deeper into your Bible than just reading it in a year, or Sunday only or if you’ve never even picked up a Bible, this interesting and entertaining study of Gods word as it reveals Jesus presence from the beginning will get your heart racing for Him.
There are so many “WOW” revelations here, tying the greatest book ever written together in a way you may never have seen before.
It could have been titled, Jesus Revealed, the BIBLE will amaze you! Love it, re-reading it and could easily be a Bible study, devotional study, or sermon series. Bonus, the writing is anything but dry and scholarly (even though it is) it is a fun, witty and interesting read. 10 stars!!”

M. Baldanza:
“This is an engaging Bible study. Todd Friel clearly shows us Jesus Christ pictures in the Old Testament. The book is a marvelous exaltation of Our Lord Jesus and second to none Friel depicts the reality of Jesus from the beginning of the Bible. This is one of the greatest books on the topic of Christology. Simple to read, clear, deep, and powerful! A great tool of evangelism and also for those who are not very aware of the Truths of the Bible. After reading some other books on the subject, this was the one that made me think even more about it. Simply, a masterpiece!”

“Amazing book! Todd Friel has done a terrific job. Great biblical truths and some hilarious scenarios as well. That is so Todd Friel from Wretched! An amazingly clear Bible overview from start to finish with the lens focused on the one and only Jesus Christ, using every possible metaphor from the OT to describe who Jesus really is. This is proof that the whole bible is one big story about Jesus Christ. I’m only halfway through reading it and I’m already blown away!! Very good buy! I truly recommend!”

“Amazing book. Written really well and a must read to everyone.”

Jesus Unmasked




If someone claimed that the Declaration of Independence is a brilliant document, all we need to do is study the Declaration itself to draw our own conclusion. Similarly, all we need to do is read the pages of the Bible to determine if it is indeed supernatural.

The New Testament claims that the Old Testament is loaded with fuzzy pictures that are actually pictures of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the: ark, door, water, bread, bronze serpent, tabernacle, sacrificial lamb, prophet, priest, king, and many many more.

What were once shadowy pictures of redemption in the Old Testament became a Technicolor reality when Jesus Christ was born.

Only God could write one story, through dozens of authors, over thousands of years, about one man, without a single contradiction.

Jesus Unmasked proves that God wrote a book and you can stake your eternity on it.